History of the Bhakti rasa Retreat 

Many years ago, the nectar of Bhakti rasa Retreat began flowing as our annual Bhakti festival in France. In 2012, it continued in the beautiful Alps of Switzerland. During this time, the inspiration grew to create a Bhakti-Retreat dedicated to entering into deep devotional practice, known as Bhajan. After a brief hiatus of three years, the festival's nectar-filled flow resumes, finding its abode at the divine lotus feet of Sri Giriraja Govardhan, transforming the festival into a retreat for immersing oneself in Bhajan. 


We sincerely hope that all spiritual seekers, regardless of their background, caste, color, or affiliation, will benefit from and find joy in our humble endeavor to serve the Vaisnavas. 

The Team

 Anuragini devi dasi, Vrindavan

Krishna Chandra dasa, Switzerland

Brajanath dasa, Vrindavan

Bhagavati dasi, Radhakund

Vrinda-devi dasi, Vrindavan

Manorama dasi, Switzerland

Radha-rasa sudhanidhi, Verse 50

Aho! Some clever Couple, that is playfully laughing and joking with Each other in Vrindavana, showing the power of greatly astonishing rasa, has stolen my heart!