Important news: We ask all the participants to stay for the whole seven days of retreat. 

It is not possible to stay only for one day.

Please provide the following mandatory information when submitting your registration via email or via contact formular below:


1.    Surname; First name; Spiritual name 

2.    Address, Post code, City, Country

3.    Contact Phone Number:

4.    Email Address:

5.    Preferred Room Category (see categories above):

6.    Emergency Contact Name and Number:

7.    Any additional comments or special requests:


Once you have completed the registration email, kindly transfer the mandatory retreat fee to our designated account. Once payment is received, your registration will be confirmed. If you wish to upgrade to a better room category, please contact Vrinda to check for availability and pay any additional fees at the venue.


Thank you for your interest and cooperation. We look forward to receiving your registration and welcoming you to the retreat.


Please send your e-mail to Vrinda-devi dasi ([email protected]) with all the necessary details.

Registration fee

In order to register for Bhakti rasa Retreat please pay your registration-fee of

  • 180 CHF
  • Please check the daily current rate for Swiss Francs and use the currency converter on the internet, if you want to pay with Euro/Dollar/any other currency. Thank you.


Our Swiss Bank-Account:

RECEIVER NAME: Bhakti-Festival
ADRESS AND POSTAL CODE: Hanflandstrasse 81, 8125 Zollikerberg

IBAN: CH49 0900 0000 1566 6852 3


ADDRESS (for Bank reference):  PostFinance AG, Mingerstrasse 20
POSTAL CODE: 3030 Bern

Euro Bank-Account:
RECEIVER NAME: Bhakti-Festival
ADRESS AND POSTAL CODE: Hanflandstrasse 81, 8125 Zollikerberg
IBAN: CH05 0900 0000 1566 6853 9
ADDRESS (for Bank reference): PostFinance AG, Mingerstrasse 20
POSTAL CODE: 3030 Bern

Once we have received your payment, you are registered for the retreat. If you are not able to come we will refund 50% up to 1 month before the start of the retreat. 


Our retreat-fee is 180 CHF (Swiss Francs), this is around 16.500 INR, per week per person. 

As it is a weekly-retreat, we are not offering day-visit prices.


The retreat-price includes:

·  Accommodation in a shared 6-bedroom room with a common bathroom

·  Prasadam (breakfast, lunch and a light meal in the evening).


To complete your registration, kindly make the retreat fee payment to our designated Swiss bank account (see below).


For those seeking additional facilities, we offer the following options at the respective prices per week:


• A single room: 11.000 INR (limited availability for those with specific needs)

• A bed in a double room: 7.500 INR

• A bed in a four bed-shared room with attached bath room: 2.600 INR

Extra mattresses in one room cost 300 INR per day. 


Please pay the cost for your accommodation (if applicable) in Indian rupees to Manorama or Vrinda-devi dasi upon your arrival at the office of the venue.


If you need any other conveniences, please contact Vrinda-devi dasi. 

Radha-rasa sudhanidhi, Verse 19

May the daughter of Maharaja Vrshabhanu, Who becomes astonished like a vine of golden Campaka-flowers when She sees Krsna, and Who becomes overwhelmed when She hears the sound of His flute, embrace me with love while I constantly sing Syamasundar´s glories to Her!



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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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