Transport and other arrangements:

  • Taxi: If you need help with organizing a taxi, please contact the Govardhan Retreat Center directly at [email protected]

  • Money exchange: Once you arrive at the Govardhan Retreat Center, the reception desk will help you with changing your money. We do not recommend changing money at the airport due to expensive extra charges. 

  • SIM Card: You will need a local SIM card for your telephone. The reception desk can help with this. 

  •  Washing clothes: The Govardhan Retreat Center offers a daily laundry service (this is chargeable). 


ISCON Govardhan Retreat Center (guest house)
Uttar Pradesh

FCJW+X6M (google maps)

Radha-rasa sudhanidhi, Verse 18

When will Sri Radha, Who is an ocean of cleverness, an ocean of anurag rasa, an ocean of motherly affection, an ocean of very deep compassion, an ocean of elegance, a nectar-ocean of glistening transcendental forms and an ocean of play, be manifest in my heart?


For general information please contact Vrinda-devi dasi:
[email protected]
Whats App +91 9119723604

or use the contact formular below.

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